Potential Bio-Weapon: AI’s Price of Progress

The possibility of criminals or terrorists using artificial intelligence for mass destruction will be a major focus at the upcoming summit of world leaders. Downing Street is increasingly concerned with recent technological advancements.

British officials are actively discussing AI security issues ahead of the November summit. The primary objective is to reach a consensus on a joint statement that warns against the dangers of using technology for mass destruction. (source: The Guardian)

The Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak’s office, has expressed concerns that AI technology will soon become so powerful that individuals will be able to create biological weapons or circumvent human control.

Recent discussions with top technology leaders have increased concerns about the potential misuse of AI and the urgent need for regulation to prevent it.

Sunak has been warning about the risks associated with AI for several months and has been urging the international community to take precautions.

Last week, researchers discovered that the ChatGPT Chat Bot was able to deceive individuals into carrying out specific tasks. There are fears that criminals or terrorists could potentially use AI to develop biological weapons.

The main concern lies with the emergence of “general artificial intelligence” (AGI) – an AI system capable of autonomously performing any task at or above human levels, posing a significant risk to humanity.

However, Sunak intends to use the summit to highlight global risks rather than focusing on more immediate threats, such as the creation of fake images using AI.

Benedict Macon-Kuni, the lead strategist at the Tony Blair Institute, stated, “We must find answers to the questions surrounding biosecurity and autonomous weapons systems. Many in the AI industry are alerting politicians to real risks.”

The summit is expected to be attended by numerous world leaders, including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and French President Emmanuel Macron. While Great Britain has invited China, there are concerns about allowing representatives from Beijing to participate fully in the summit due to fears of spying.

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