Atomic Update: Endless OS 6.0 Released

Endless OS 6.0 has been released, presenting a distribution aimed at simplifying the system’s operation and allowing users to quickly choose applications to their liking. Applications are distributed in self-sufficient packages in Flatpak format. The size of the available download images ranges from 1.2 to 23 GB.

This distribution does not use traditional package managers; instead, it utilizes a minimally updated basic system operating in read-only mode, formed using OSTREE tools. Similar ideas to Endless OS are being explored by developers of Fedora through the Silverblue project to create an atomic updated version of Fedora Workstation, as well as by the creators of vanilla OS, Carbonos, tau-os, and Pop!_OS.

Endless OS is one of the distributions that promotes innovation among Linux users. The working environment in Endless OS is based on a significantly redesigned Gnome force. The developers of Endless are actively involved in the development of upstream projects and contribute significantly to projects like GTK+3.22. The company Endless Mobile, which supervises the project, is part of the Advisory Board of the GNOME Foundation, alongside FSF, Debian, Google, Linux Foundation, Red Hat, and Suse.

Some of the main changes in Endless OS 6.0 include the addition of a dark style design option in appearance settings, more comfortable for use in dark environments. Additionally, all basic applications, including the file manager, configurator, and application installation system, have been updated and adapted to work with the dark theme, featuring a new interface with flat design and more contrasting elements.

  • The possibility of turning on the dark style of design, more comfortable for the eyes when working in the dark, has been added to the configurations of appearance.
  • Updated and adapted to work with the dark theme of design the appearance of all basic applications, including a file manager, configurator, and application installation system. The new interface is notable for using flat design and more contrasting elements.

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