United Kingdom: Rishi Sunak Limoge one of its ministers because of its tax problems

The president of the Conservative Party, Nadhim Zahawi, was dismissed after a investigation into a tax case revealed a serious violation of the ministerial code.

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British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, dismissed the minister without a portfolio and president of the Conservative party, Nadhim Zahawi, due to a violation of the ministerial code linked to his tax issues, announced Downing Street on Sunday, January 29.

At the end of an independent investigation, “it is clear that there has been a serious violation of the ministerial code,” wrote the head of government in a letter published by Downing Street. “Consequently, I inform you of my decision to remove your functions within the government of His Majesty.”

By dismissing Nadhim Zahawi rather than asking him to resign, Rishi Sunak seeks to assert his authority, he who had promised his arrival at Downing Street “Integrity, Professionalism and Responsibility”.

dispute With the taxman

The British Prime Minister had charged his independent ethical advisor on Monday to investigate to determine whether Mr. Zahawi, who sits on the Council of Ministers, had violated the ministerial code in connection with the regulations of several million pounds sterling that he had to pay to settle a dispute with the taxman. According to the BBC, he had to pay until At 5 million pounds sterling (5.7 million euros) of penalties for not having properly declared his income, after the sale of his shares in the Survening Society Yougov, of which he is co -founder

However, Mr. Zahawi had negotiated this penalty in the summer of 2022, during his ephemeral visit to the Ministry of Finance in the government of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He then became, with the arrival of Mr. Sunak at Downing Street at the end of October, president of the Conservative Party and Minister without portfolio within the government.

The ethical advisor Laurie Magnus concluded that Nadhim Zahawi should have declared the tax investigation which he was the subject and should also have updated his declaration of interest once sold his dispute with the taxman

After thirteen years in power, the conservatives have seen in recent years their reputation marred by affairs of conflict of interest, fueling accusations of corruption on the part of the Labor opposition, largely at the top of the polls. A controversy had exploded last year about Mr. Sunak himself, when the press had revealed that his wife, the wealthy Akshata Mounty, benefited from an advantageous tax status in the midst of inflation crisis.

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