Iran: guide Ali Khamenei comes out of his silence to support repression

The Supreme Guide, the main authority of the country, spoke for the first time since the death of the young Mahsa Amini. He denounced a movement organized by the United States and Israel.


The supreme guide, Ali Khamenei, came out of silence on Monday October 3, while the uprising in Iran entered his third week. “I say it directly: these riots and insecurity are the work of the United States, of the Zionist regime [Israel in the Official Jargon of Tehran], their mercenaries and certain traitors abroad which helped. In these events, police organizations, the Bassidji [militias faithful to the regime, usually in civilian clothes] and the people have suffered injustices more than everyone else, “said this first authority in the country .

Since September 16, the day of the death of Iranian Mahsa (Jina of her first name Kurdish) AIni During her police custody at the Police of Manners, the demonstrations affect almost all the provinces of the country daily.

“The judiciary must judge and condemn the perpetrators of trouble according to their participation in sabotage,” asked Ali Khamenei during his speech to the students of the Academy of the Armed Forces in Tehran.

The words of the supreme guide, predictable in that they establish a link between any dissonant voice in Iran and foreign enemies, constitute above all a green light to the military forces engaged in the repression since the start of the uprising. His position occurs while during this wave of protest, unprecedented in his extent and in his longevity, at least 92 people were killed, reports the Center for Human Rights in Iran (Chri), based in New York . Iranian authorities speak of about sixty people, including twelve members of the military forces. The Iranian Department of Intelligence, for its part, announced on September 30 the arrest of nine foreign nationals in connection with the dispute. They are from France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Poland.

In his speech on Monday, Ali Khamenei has minimized any responsibility for the moral police who ensure good respect for dress codes in the death of Mahsa Amini. “The death of this young girl has saddened us, but that, without investigation and without anything being proven, some make the streets dangerous, burn the Koran, the mosques and the cars and that they withdraw the scarf of veiled women, It is not a normal reaction, “said the supreme guide. 2>

arrested journalists

Ali Khamenei expressed himself while many elements suggest that the 22 -year -old Iranian was the victim of ill -treatment during his police custody. His family lawyer, Saleh Nikbakht on Sunday, explained, in an interview with the Etemaad daily daily, that the girl had “surely been struck” by the police officers who arrested him. “His family would like to know which strike or what disease caused the blood that was flowing from his ear and who had left traces on his neck,” asked Saleh Nikbakht. The two journalists who played an important role in the media coverage of this case, Niloufar Hamedi and Elaheh Mohammadi, have been arrested.

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