“Tender flesh”, on France 5: tender age of Sasha, an intersex teenager

On a theme conducive to documentary treatment, Yaël Langmann delivers a series on the edge, carried by an explosive cast.


“I have everything, in fact I have nothing.” From its intersation – the series voluntarily uses this term, more precise than “intersexuality” -, Sasha no longer knows what to do. “Repaired” but above all mutilated in his early childhood by a medical profession who only thinks of assigning him a sex, male in this case, Sasha has been called for a few months “she” and enters a young girl in her new high school. Pending her majority, and the operation that makes her a “real” woman.

Over the episodes, we will discover the frightening violence of the attack that prompted his family to move and start from scratch in this slightly lost, bordered lake where teens meet to drink, smoke , love yourself and dream of “earthwoods”.

Besides, they are a little gratinated, these teens, as they are discovered in a first frontal episode, a little unpleasant. Euphoria is never far when it comes to filming their excessive desires, and we can no longer hear young people talk like young people. You have to go a little further – not much, episode 2 is great – to grasp the blast that is tender flesh in the serial offer of public service.

Produced for the France.tv Slash case, the series awarded at the Séries Mania festival will also be broadcast as a bonus from the day of its online. A consecration for this box intended for young audiences and offset productions, known for the series for Skam teens and especially for its European sitcom Parliament.

duo of incandescent actors

Imagined by Yaël Langmann, who produces the series alongside Jérémy Mainguy, tender flesh approaches with both tiny precautions and a lot of audacity a subject conducive to clinical, psychologizing and gladly tearful treatment. She does it with what is necessary – the character of Loé, “referent” of Sasha for his future operation, gives benchmarks – but above all an unexpected dose of madness. It starts with Sasha’s parents, a still young and a little destroyed couple who seeks to go out from the top of a situation that exceeds him. As a loving mother, cowhide and silently devastated, Daphné Bürki does wonders.

It also goes through the incandescent duo that Sasha forms with his little sister, Pauline (Saul Benchetrit). And on this subject, the temptation of the superlatives is great. As a teenager at the time of filming, the daughter of Anna Mouglalis and Samuel Benchetrit pulverizes the screen and happily refers her elders behind the scenes. The camera loves her but she also loves Angèle Metzger, ex-androgynous mannequin very in sight, which gives Sasha a body, a voice, a presence that seems to flourish over the episodes. The rest of the casting is amendment, both improbable and madly successful. We come across an influencer (Paola Locatelli), Léna Garrel, the ex-comic ocean in a small role, or Grégoire Colin as a confused father.

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