Distribution release 4Mlinux 40.0

presented Issue 4Mlinux 40.0.0 , a minimalist user distribution that is not a branch from other projects and using a graphic environment based on JWM. 4Mlinux can be used not only as a Live-cropping to play multimedia files and solving user problems, but also as a recovery system after failures and platforms for launching LAMP servers (Linux, Apache, Mariadb and PHP). Two ISO-image (1.1 GB, x86_64) with a graphic environment and with a selection of programs for programs was prepared. server systems.

in the new version:

  • Updated versions of packages: Linux core 5.18.7, Mesa 21.3.8, Libreoffice 7.3.5, Abiword 3.0.5, Gimp 2.10.32, Gnumeric 1.12.52, Dropbox 143.4161, Firefox 103.0, Chromium 103.060.53 , Thunderbird 91.12.0, Audacious 4.1, VLC, MPV 0.34.0, Wine 7.12, Apache 2.4.54, Mariadb 10.8.3, PHP 5.6.40, PHP 7.4.30, Perl 5.34.1, Python 2.7. 18/3.9.12.
  • The MPlayer multimedia player with the Mencoder encoder is included in the composition, Hypervc can be used as a GUI for transcoding video.
  • Work was carried out to improve support for 3D graphics, including when launch in virtual machines.
  • The composition includes packages with an emulator Qemu and Gui Aqemu.
  • Added application for encryption of disk sections TrueCrypt.
  • Added new Gnome Mahjong and Entombed.
  • Entombed.

  • Support for devices with the NVM Express interface.

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