Republicans: election of president of party pushed back in early December, for lack of “natural candidate”

While Christian Jacob’s mandate ended at the end of June, Laurent Wauquiez’s decision not to seek his succession surprised in the party. The political bureau shifted the vote of activists from the end of November to December 3 and 4.

Le Monde with AFP

No one to win. In the absence of “natural candidate”, the Republicans (LR) have, in fact, decided on Tuesday, June 19, to postpone the election of their next president in early December, at the end of November, at the end of a political bureau. This decision was made after Laurent Wauquiez’s renunciation to run for the succession of Christian Jacob, whose mandate ended at the end of June, while the president of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region was until then given as favorite to take over the position.

The first round of the election will therefore take place electronically from December 3, 18 hours to December 4, same time, said the acting president of the party, Annie Genevard, in a press release. If no candidate obtains the majority of the votes cast, a second round will be organized on December 10 and 11.

Evoking the many “parliamentary coordination works” and the “general political context”, M genevard insists that, “for the first time, the presidency of the party is not requested by possible candidates for the presidential election “. This is what prompted the party to review its electoral calendar.

a work of “refoundation” of the party

Besides Laurent Wauquiez, no other Tenor of the Party seems to be imposing itself to take up the torchor’s torch, which suffered a historic presidential failure in April.

If he still managed to save a group of sixty and a deputies in the National Assembly during the legislative elections, the right -wing party faces many challenges for the months and years to come. The first of them is the reconstruction of the party, as well as the need to regain internal leadership and a guideline, while two ideological currents coexist internally, one heir to the social right and the other displaying a posture Assumed right -handed.

“For the refoundation and all the work we have to do, we are not two weeks old!”, Estimated, in the tone of joke, the LR vice-president of the region Ile-de-France Othman Nasrou, close to Valérie Pécresse, after the political bureau withdrawing the decision to slightly delay the Congress vote.

If M Me genevard does not exclude being a candidate to succeed Mr. Jacob, she has not yet made a decision. Other names of possible pretenders circulate, including those of the deputies Aurélien Pradié and Eric Ciotti, of the former minister and mayor of 7 e district of Paris Rachida Dati, or the mayor of Cannes and President of the Association of Mayors of France, David Lisnard.

The next president of LR must in any case be able to “bring together”, warned the deputy for Doubs, and also have “energy to turn to the future”. In an unprecedented political situation, M me genevard invites his party to “rethink” his role.

Potential contenders have until October 3 at 6 p.m. to submit the sponsorships necessary to validate their candidacy with the high authority of the movement. She will publish the final list of candidates on October 18. An electoral guide will be made public and addressed to activists up to date on July 22.

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