Totalnergies, EDF and Engie call French to consume less energy

In a column, published by the “Journal du Dimanche”, the French leaders of the three companies call for a collective and immediate effort.

Le Monde with AFP

The leaders of the three Totalnergies French energy, EDF and Engie call together on Sunday, June 26, the French to “immediately” reduce their consumption of fuel, oil, electricity and gas in the face of the risk of shortage and flambée of prices that threaten ” social cohesion “next winter.

“The effort must be immediate, collective and massive. Each gesture counts”, indicate in a rare common gallery published by Le Journal du Dimanche , Patrick Pouyanné (Totalenergies), Jean -Bernard Levy (EDF) and Catherine Macgregor (Engie), while France, like the rest of Europe, tries to fill its gas reserves for next winter, with a French objective of 100 % storage filled with ‘Here at the beginning of fall, despite the drop in Russian gas deliveries.

To the difficulties of supplying gas linked to the consequences of the war in Ukraine, there are “tensions” on the capacity of powerful electricity production in Europe, and a “amputated” hydraulic production because of the drought, explain -The.

“The outbreak of energy prices which follows from these difficulties threatens our social and political cohesion and too heavily impacts the purchasing power of families” note the authors of the text.

hunting waste

“The best energy remains the one we do not consume” underline the three leaders who call for “awareness and collective and individual action so that each of us – each consumer, each company – changes their Behaviors and immediately limits its energy, electric, gas and petroleum products “consumption.

They want the launch of a “major energy efficiency program” and a “national waste hunt”. “Acting this summer will allow us to be better prepared to approach next winter and in particular to preserve our gas reserves”, estimate the three leaders.

“Responsible industrial actors, our three groups undertake to collaborate actively” indicate the bosses, usually rather in competition on the subjects of energy transition, in particular which see flourish massive investments but not always coordinated in renewable energies , nuclear and hydrogen in particular.

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