Creator of Geckolinux presented new spiralinux distribution

The creator of the distribution gekkolinux , based on the Opensuse package base and pays great attention to the optimization of the desktop and trifles, such as high -quality font, presented The new distribution is spirallinux , built using DEBIAN GNU/Linux packages. Distribution offers 7 ready for use live-browed , supplied with the desktop of Cinnamon, XFCE, GNOME, KDE Plasma, KDE PLASMA, KDE Mate, Budgie and LXQT, the settings of which are optimized to increase the convenience of work.

The GECKOLINUX project will continue to be accompanied, and Spiralinux is an attempt to maintain the usual way in the case of stopping the existence of the Opensuse or its transformation in a fundamentally different product, in accordance with the upcoming plans for significant processing of SUSE and Opensuse. Debian is chosen as the basis as a stable, flexibly adapted for its needs and qualitatively supported distribution. At the same time, Debian developers are not sufficiently focused on the convenience of the final user, which leads to the creation of derivatives of distributions, the authors of which are trying to make the product more friendly ordinary consumers.

Unlike such assemblies, Spiralinux is not trying to develop its own infrastructure, but tries to stay as close to Debian as possible. SPIRALLINUX uses packages from the main DEBIAN composition and uses the same repositories, but offers other default settings for all the main environmental environment environmental environments available in Debian repositories. Thus, the user offers an alternative option for installing Debian, which is updated from the standard Debian repositories, on top of which a set of more optimal settings for the user is offered.

Features of spirallinux

  • installed DVD/USB LIVE images about 2 GB, set up for popular desktop environment.
  • The use of Debian Stable packages with a package preinstalled by Debian Backports that provides support for more new equipment.
  • The ability to update to the debian testing or Unstable all with a few clicks of the mouse .
  • The optimal layout of BTRFS subdivisions with transparent compression of ZSTD and automatic Snapper shots, loaded via GRUB for change of changes .
  • Graphic manager for Flatpak packages and a pre -tuned design topic used to Flatpak packages.
  • The settings of fonts and color design drawing are optimized for optimal readability.
  • Prevented proprietary media codes and “non-free” repositories of Debian packages, ready for use.
  • Extended support for hardware with a wide set of pre -installed firmware.
  • Expanded support of printers with simplified printer management rights.
  • Enjoying the package tlp to optimize energy consumption.
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