Bacterium E. coli: Malo brand recalls yogurts sold in supermarkets throughout France

Several models of Malo brand yogurts, manufactured at the dairy of Saint-Malo (Ille-et-Vilaine), are recalled by the manufacturer who suspected contamination to the bacteria E. coli.


The Breton brand has requested the immediate recall of three products from its range, made up of dairy products. In detail, for the natural yogurts , the lots sold from June 9 and valid until July 11. those with raspberry are on sale from June 10 and consumables until July 12. Third product concerned, the grenadine yogurt which have been marketed since June 9 and outdated from July 22.

These products have been widely distributed throughout the territory, in many large distribution channels, notably E. Leclerc, System U, Auchan, Casino, Intermarché and Monoprix. Consumers concerned are invited to destroy the products purchased and to be reimbursed in shops, large or medium-sized areas, where they were purchased.

The bacteria Escherichia coli, abbreviated E. coli, can lead, within three days of the consumption of gastroenteritis “marked by abdominal pain and diarrhea (possibly accompanied by blood), accompanied or not with fever” , specify the product recall sheets. In the event of a symptom, you must consult your attending physician.

a few months after the Buitoni affair

These reminders come a few weeks after the Buitoni scandal. Several pizzas of the brand had been contaminated by the bacteria E. coli. Judicial information had been opened in particular. The investigations were entrusted to an investigating judge, in particular for acts of manslaughter with regard to a person, involuntary injuries concerning fourteen people, of placing a product dangerous for health and endangering others. 56 people were contaminated in France after consuming fresh pizzas from the Buitoni brand, from the Nestlé group. The case had caused the death of two children.

On May 25, another survey was opened for “deception aggravated by the danger to human health”, “involuntary attacks on physical integrity” and “endangering the life of others” concerning the brand Kinder. The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) reported that, on May 18, 324 confirmed cases and 58 probable salmonellosis e had been detected in the countries of the European Union and in Great Britain.

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