France Buissonnière: champion who offered his cuts

swimmer and amateur triathlete, Sébastien Sudrie, 52, won some five hundred cups throughout his sporting career. Large, small, some with handles, others with fine golden film, most of them placed on marble bases … accumulated over the decades, this flashy collection is promised to dispersion. Its owner has decided to donate it, in an unusual recycling process.

Since he talked about it at La Charente Libre, sports associations parade at his home, at La Couronne (Charente), to share the booty and endow their own tests – after having, of course, withdrew the inscriptions glued above. The organizers of the Anais trail (Charente) took twenty trophies, the Angoulême pétanque club just as much, a triathlon of Morbihan about thirty, just like a riding club in Limoges. Everything must disappear, or almost.

We do not relieve ourselves from the fruit of his sweat without a good reason. One of his three sons, Mathieu, 16, needed a bodybuilding room in the family home in order to strengthen his sporting ambitions – become a professional footballer. The father did not hesitate to sacrifice his “trophy room”, also called “the gallery of ice cream”: “a room that had caught my eye when we had visited the house, in 2005, because ideal for Expose my trophies “. The cuts then found refuge in the corridors of the basement: “We could not walk anymore. It was time to do something. I was not going to throw everything at the recycling center. There was there, anyway, For 15,000 euros of value “, confides this customs inspector, head of the Angoulême antenna.

Accumulation as much hardware, would seem insane if Sébastien Sudrie was not “over-raising”, as he describes himself. Few are the weekends when he does not participate in a competition. After swimming in the pool, practiced during his childhood, and the triathlon (arrested in 2018), he converted into the swimming in free water and in the aquathlon (test mixing swimming and running). Cross-country, trail, obstacle course and run and bike complete its panoply of “M. Mille Volts”.

To the trophies given to the winners and their dolphins added various cuts and medals, distributed by the town halls, the regional leagues, the Ministry of Sports … Sébastien Sudrie could also have opened a museum with the “in kind” lots that ‘He won here and there: a garden table, a drill, a louis d’or, his weight in Haut-Médoc… without forgetting three living ducks and a pig on foot, sold illico to a Béarn breeder, where held a race.

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