Why is green color of fight for right to abortion?

The American Defense of Approache Movement calls for scrolling on Saturday May 14, echoing feminist “green tides” which managed to make legal abortion in Argentina in 2020.


A “green tide”. Thus was qualified, in Argentina, the unstoppable movement of struggle for the right to abortion, which led to its legalization on December 30, 2020, after more than thirty years of combat. Smoards, flags, t-shirts, banners, posters, glitter: green has become, in a few years, the symbolic color of pro-Choix activism, in the South American country and in the rest of the subcontinent, where the abortion is still largely penalized. This time, it is in the United States that the green tide is about to surge.

The American feminist movement indeed calls to demonstrate, Saturday, May 14, to defend the right to abortion in the face of the possibility that the Supreme Court cancels the ROE VS WADE judgment of 1973 which authorizes the voluntary termination of pregnancy (Abortion). The instructions: “Dress green!”

“It is a great pride, personal and collective, that green be taken up today in the United States, is moved Marta Alanis, founder of the Argentine branch of the Catholic US Association for the right to decide Before, the United States landed in Latin America to bring us dictatorships, military bases and poverty. Today, the Latin American green tide arrives in the United States to contribute to the liberation of women. “

 demonstration for the right to abortion in Buenos Aires, December 30, 2020. Demonstration for the right to abortion in Buenos Aires, December 30, 2020. Victor Caivano/

A green scarf as “symbol of hope”

This 73 -year -old woman is at the origin of the symbolism of green scarves. They appeared in Argentina in 2003. That year held the 18

A scarf that recalls the white damn used by mothers in the May place, these Argentinian women struggling since 1977 to find their missing children during the dictatorship (1976-1983). And green “as a symbol of hope, health, life”, explains Marta Alanis. And a nose to anti-EVG which declare themselves “pro-life”. The scarf is then a simple piece of fabric cut into a triangle, with, in yellow, the mention “right to decide”.

It is distributed to the participants in the meetings, who use it during the event closing event. Two years later, the Civil Society collective was born which will be at the origin of the first bill debated in the congress in 2018: the national campaign for the right to legal, safe and free abortion. She officially adopts the green scarf as her emblem, accompanied by the slogan: “Sex education to decide, contraceptives not to abort, legal abortion so as not to die”.

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