China: question of efficiency of zero covid strategy is invited to XXth Congress of Communist Party

To be able to surround himself with a direction in his hand, Xi Jinping will need to appear in the fall in front of the PCC delegates with a success against the pandemic.


The future of Xi Jinping at the head of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is partly played in Shanghai. While the paralysis that has seized for two months the largest city in the country causes strong economic slowdown and arouses growing dissatisfaction among the population, the permanent committee of the PCC political office – the seven men who direct China – A Reaffirmed, Thursday, May 5, its zero covid strategy. “We won the battle to defend Wuhan and we are sure to be able to win [the one] to defend Shanghai,” they said.

An assertion disputed by the World Health Organization (WHO) which, Wednesday, May 10, described this “unsustainable” policy.

In fact, the UAE of the Chinese authorities hides a more prosaic and eminently political reality: due to the low vaccination rate for over 60s and limited hospital capacities, the abandonment of zero covid policy could lead to 1.6 million deaths in the country according to a study published by the University of Fudan (Shanghai).

that Xi Jinping can appear before the XX E Congress of the PCC in the fall, strongly successful against the COVID-19 and he will undoubtedly be built in his hand. That he fails and he will have to make concessions. “Some leaders who are not XI protégés could obtain important positions, reflecting the need for [the secretary general of the party] to preserve the unity of leadership,” explains Li Cheng, director of John L. Thornton China Center, A research center located in Washington. “Until now, XI’s assessment is not brilliant. The fight against corruption is not completed. The victory against poverty is not final. Economic development slows down, support for Putin is risky. XI XI Absolutely need a victory against the covid “, judges the sinologist Alex Payette, founder of the Consulting Consulting Company. 2> 2,300 delegates gathered in Beijing in the fall

In the mind of Xi Jinping, this XX e congress must be the exact opposite of what was the XX e congress of the Communist Party of the Union Union Soviet, the one who, in 1956, marked the beginning of destalinization and therefore, according to him, the beginning of the end of the USSR.

From this Faleste, Xi Jinping has learned a lesson: “The unity of the CCP management is of vital importance for the party.” The whole issue is that the third term of secretary general that Xi Jinping goes Very likely solicit – it has to do this, modified the constitution in 2018 – does not appear as a big leap back but, paradoxically, as a symbol of the “renewal of the Chinese nation”. A delicate operation both ideologically and organizing – both the operation of the CCP (95 million members, 4.8 million basic organizations) is ritualized.

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