Emmanuel Macron: Ukraine is “a member of heart of our Europe”, but not EU before “decades”

Video speaking before MEPs on Monday, May 9, Emmanuel Macron was firm as for Ukraine’s membership process to the European Union.

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Since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, kyiv has formalized his desire to integrate the European Union, but this candidacy cannot be accelerated because of the war, recalled Emmanuel Macron, Monday, May, In a speech delivered on the occasion of the closure of the conference on the future of Europe, in the European Parliament, in Strasbourg.

The President of the Republic, however, provided the support of the twenty-seven to Ukraine at war, assuring that it was “member of the heart of Europe”. His situation, however, calls for the Elysée tenant, the old continent to question his organization. The current president of the Council of the European Union has thus proposed the creation of a “European political community”, in which Ukraine could be integrated.

“This new European organization would allow democratic European nations adhering to our base of values ​​to find a new space of political cooperation [and] security”, he said.

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