Applicant in Tokyo came to take exam and arranged a massacre at university

Armed with a knife Applicant in Tokyo University attacked several people, reports NHK.

A high school student came to one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Japan to pass entrance exams. On Monday, January 15, the University of Tokyo, at the University campus, had to pass an entrance exam with the participation of 3.7 thousand people. The test started at 09:30 local time (at this time in Moscow was 03:30)

At some point, the applicant snatched the knife and arranged a massacre. He wounded three: a 70-year-old man suffered, as well as a young man and a girl. All victims were hospitalized. They are in consciousness, but there are no data on their state.

17-year-old offender is detained. The law enforcement agencies of Japan opened a criminal case on the fact of the murder attempted. Police works in the University building.

In October 2021, in the Japanese capital, two people were injured as a result of an attack by a 45-year-old man armed with a knife. The incident occurred at Weno railway station.

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