Presidential Election 2022: Christiane Taubira, end of suspense

Late in the countryside, Christiane Taubira put on the popular primary to create the sensation.


When Christian Paul is asked if it is not an irrepressible ego guided by a strong messianic temperament that ultimately pushes Christiane Taubira to add to the long list of candidates from left to the presidential election, the former Socialist, rallied to the National Ambition of Guyanaise, shakes his head very strong: “But not at all. She did not go down from the sky to treat the worm.”

For Christian Paul, who is not a political scream, but a former member (1997-2017) reasoned and methodical, the key to understanding is much simpler. “His decision does not work at random. After two years of Covid-19 and five years of macronism, the French are tired. Christiane Taubira may be the antidote to this demoralization.” Mr. Paul has refined his analyzes on the destructuring of The left, its projections on “a moment taubira” and its plans of a revolutionary prototype of conquest.

Before entering the details, it invites us to climb the heights of Lyon to attend a historical moment, Saturday, January 15, on the Hill of the Red Cross, symbolic place to the revolts of the Canuts of the XIX E Century, repressed for claiming workers’ autonomy, anti-slavery rebellion of moreover. Christiane Taubira will talk. The moment should be brief, but lyrical. Christiane Taubira, outstanding speaker, often says very poetic things, but a few times it’s not very clear. In Lyon it had to declare without detour that it is a candidate for the Elysee, prerequisite for being able to submit to the designation of the popular primary.

“Aspiration to the Union”

By Christiane Taubira, in any party, wants to rely on the legitimation of this citizen movement claiming more than 300 000 registered and organizes a vote at the end of January to separate the candidates from left, with or without permission. This “radical democratic innovation”, of which it is the favorite, it is the basis of the map of Christian Paul. Everything from there. “This way of entering, this aspiration to the Union, despite the parties, it is the prerequisite for a different political identity that can recompose the left,” he says. Everything must start from this still a little dark political object, which the great light of victory will arise.

A primary, in a known form, which allowed Valérie Pécresse, winner of that of the Party the Republicans, to double its score in the polls. So, once won the popular primary, M me Taubira, “who has an outstanding personality, a different style, a way to look at the different country and a different dialogue ability”, according to m . Paul, will benefit “a sufficiently important opinion movement to create a desire for union and sweep the last resistance”. Those of left parties renowned, defeated, reduced to a single ability to nuisance by deterring their activists to vote at the said primary.

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