Alexia Fabre, first woman to lead fine arts of Paris

The fiftieth, head of the Mac / Val in Vitry-sur-Seine, was named at the head of the prestigious school.


Finally a woman at the head of the fine arts of Paris! Alexia Fabre was named, Monday, January 24, director of the prestigious school by Roselyne Bachelot, Minister of Culture. She replaces Jean de Loisy, whose term ended at the end of the year.

Born in Bayonne (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), in 1967, she could have been the woman of a single museum: it was almost twenty-five years that she puts all her energy in the Mac / Val, the museum of Contemporary Art of Val-de Marne, Vitry-sur-Seine. Pianist girl, trained at the School of Louvre, then at the National Heritage Institute, the young chief curator had just spent five years at the head of the departmental Gap when she started in this innovative project , from his early days, in 1998. She helped to give a strong identity to the first Parisian suburban contemporary museum, opened in 2005, caught one of the high places of creation in Ile-de-France .

Deeply respected artists, she has been a rare fidelity for them, focusing on building the coherent sets, rather than run after the last trend. When all museums neglecting them, she supported the creators with fervor.

“We immediately decided to work closest to the daily life of people, choosing thematic angles to present the collection, she told us a few years ago. At the time, it was very Innovator, only the Tate Modern London, of which I was inspired, dared to propose such things. It’s about creating narrative paths of sympathy between the works. To tell a vision of the world together, as would do a book of Images in a poetic approach. “

Many challenges

Disadvantaged suburb, difficult to access from Paris … she still knew how to make Mac / Val a place of the most open, multiplying the youth workshops, innovative on mediation. “Going to the public, it’s our core mission,” she pursued. We have very different audiences, scholars or completely foreign to contemporary art, all eagerly accompaniment: chative works are rare. We Let us give the floor to the artists, through the audioguids, publishing fictions. And, above all, we find cross roads, with taste, musical, scientific visits. The museum must be like a new friend, to which We arrive virgin. What must be avoided, it is to be in a relationship of authority, domination and exclusion. “

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