France Inter: a video of Marine Le Pen causes anger of journalists

A video module broadcast on social networks participates in “peopolization” of political life, condemns the society of station journalists.


“We assume this choice.” In France Inter, we are entitled to his boots. No matter how disapproved rumor that has accompanied the dissemination on social networks on January 20, an interview with Marine Le Pen all smile, on a pink background, in a video module of about two and a half minutes. Baptized the “# interviewPremiery”, the exercise consists, for the candidate (e) in the presidential election, to respond very briefly to basic issues, broadcast on the screen. “First person you call if you are elected?”, “First thought, if you are elected on April 24, at 8 pm?”, But also “first time you realized that you had a family … a little other than ? “, or” first cat? “.

Accompanied by dynamic, smiling and kidding music, the candidate of the national gathering in the presidential election answers, for example: “My father. I hope he will not be present, it will avoid me that He tanks all the evening “, in a complice smile with the camera.

Or: “Yes, I am a breeding of professional cats. Yes, I am a farmer, in a way, since I depend on the Ministry of Agriculture.” A sequence “closer to an issue of M6 than ‘Antenna of France Inter “, according to the formula of a journalist. “I conceive that the formats broadcast on the web are different from what we do on the antenna, but it looks like a publourage”, adds a reporter. “Eh, did you see that, Pascal Praud [journalist on CNews]?, Launched the humorist Guillaume Meurice, Monday, January 24, on his Twitter account. We too can make the far right cool and funky !!”

“Less Buzz”

Marine Le Pen was not the first to lend himself to this exercise thought for networks and intended to seduce a young audience. Interviewee under the same conditions (at the end of the morning of the station) a few days earlier, on January 13, arms crossed in the back and red mask on the face, Anne Hidalgo (PS) was little on the easy. And the video had been broadcast in general indifference, unlike that of his extreme right opponent.

“The public service must give the floor to all the candidates, but it seems to us that our role is to remain in a journalistic work, without lending to this type of” peopolization “of politics; even if to do Less from Buzz “, regrets the Society of Journalists (SDJ), in an interpellation to the direction sent to the entire editorial, at the end of the day, Tuesday, January 25. “It’s not Marine Le Pen the problem, but the format itself”, insists Corinne Audouin, the President of the Radio France SDJ. In the spring of 2021, already the suggestion made by the management of France Inter in Frédéric Pommier to ask the policies to evoke their favorite song, on the occasion of his chronicle broadcast in the “13 hours” (as had told him Mediapart), caused some reprobation in writing.

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