Representative of Russia in EU stated European gas market hyper-dependent on weather

The free gas market created by the European Commission turned out to be hyper-dependent on bad weather, writes TASS with reference to the words of Russia’s postprace with the EU Vladimir Chizhova.

“cold, heat, and cloudiness, and wind are negatively affecting it,” the Russian representative noted. So Chizhov commented on sharp bursts of energy demand for heating or cooling the premises, as well as problems with solar and wind generation in adverse weather conditions.

Diplomat said that the European Commission and other European institutions “were in a certain twilight zone”, actively promoting the green energy and the refusal of gas even during the acute energy crisis. Such a discourse, according to Chizhov, “settled in a populist spirit.”

“Her [European Commission] The head of Ursula von der Lyien declares that the current crisis is associated with the fact that it is not enough, they say, even in Europe there are effort into the development of renewable sources. It turns out that if a couple more trillion euros to this furnace, then everything will be fine. You might think from this the sun will shine brighter, and the wind will blow with the right strength and in the right direction, “said the representative of Russia.

/Media reports.