Belarus: called for a “Pole Map”

Researcher at the Institute of Philosophy of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Alexei Dzermante called to ban “Map Pole” – a document that facilitates foreigners with Polish roots the possibility of entry and accommodation in Poland. He stated this in his Telegram-Channel.

“The issuance of” Pole cards “has long time to make an out of law and take effective measures to ensure that Poland is as difficult to bring the” brains “and young people as possible,” Dzermante said. According to him, it becomes the problem of the Union State. “Students from the Kaliningrad region are increasingly going to Polish universities and become Polish agents of influence,” says Dzermante.

In general, in his opinion, at the moment there is a confrontation “of the Republic of Belarus as the heiress of the BSSR in many meanings and the Poland of nonopils.” Therefore, Minsk should hold a “large-scale depolonization of historical memory and humanitarian knowledge,” said Dzermante.

Previously, the Prosecutor General of Belarus Andrei Swede stated that the repatriation program using the “Pole map” is the element of the subversive work of Warsaw. According to 2019, 131 thousand Belarusians received such a document.

Relations of Minsk and Warsaw once again aggravated in early November. In Belarus on the border with Poland, several thousand migrants were gathered from the Middle East, which are trying to break into the territory of the European Union. The West claims that the situation was specifically organized by the Belarusian authority within the “Hybrid War”.

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