Development of technology of plasma pyrolysis of methane

As part of the creation of methane plasma pyrolysis technologies in the M.V. Research Center Keldysh (in the state corporation “Roscosmos”) carried out successful tests of the powerful electric arc plasma torch of the AC “Star” with a capacity of 1.4 MW, operating on methane, to obtain gaseous hydrogen, pyrolysis products and carbon in the precipitated solid phase.

A distinctive design feature is the supply of methane directly into arc plasma plasma channels, without the use of additional inert or other gas. The working plasma pyrolysis technologies are aimed at implementing the concept of “hydrogen energy” and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Celedysh Center, performing research and development work, produces high-tech scientific products of scientific and technical nature in the field of rocket and space technology, as well as products of socio-economic purposes.

The main directions of scientific and production activities:

  • Rocket and Space Engineering
  • Rocket and Space Energy
  • Systems and Elements of Rocket and Space Complexes
  • Nanotechnology
  • Hydrogen Energy
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