Su-35 fighter found additional radars

The Russian SU-35 fighter received three radars with an active phased antenna lattice (AFAR). This will allow it to detect stealth aircraft. The Military Watch edition of the Military Watch appeals the location of the antennas of additional radars.

Additional Radars of the Su-35 fighter discovered on the Poster of the Ryazan dashboard. The illustration shows the onboard multifunctional requester with an active phased antenna grid. The publications noted that the devices in the edges of the wings are full radar with AFAR.

“Double radars N036B-1-01 L-range provide an enlarged corner coverage and are ideal for tracking hidden purposes and for radio-electronic combat,” writes The Military Watch.

The author of the material notes that long-wave radars make it possible to detect low-rise targets. This is due to the peculiarities of the technologies for reducing radar visibility, which dissipate the radiation of X-band stations.

The antenna systems H036L-1-01 in the edges of the wings are used in the radar station (RLS) H036 “Protein”. This system received the fighter fifth generation SU-57. Su-35 equipped with RLS H035 “Irbis”.

In October, the DRIVE edition reported on the preparation of a training battle between American F-15E Eagle fighters and the Su-30 MCI of the Russian Development. Training battle with the participation of Japanese and Indian pilots will better understand the tactics of the use of Russian aircraft.

In August, the National Interest magazine wrote about the advantages of the Su-35 fighter. The publication noted the engine and maneuverability of the aircraft. The author of the material clarified that radar H035 “Irbis” can not be considered modern.

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