Bloghasha revealed a way to quickly grow hair

Blogharsha revealed a way to quickly grow long hair and became famous in social networks. The rollers appeared on its page in Tiktok.

Faith Doritt Network Network (Faith Dorritt) regularly shares the video on which the hair shifts the hair length. A woman admitted that people often suspect her to use a wig or artificial strand, because a year ago she went with a haircut.

According to Doryut, to achieve such a result, you need to cut your hair as much as possible. “During the haircut, you can get rid of the maximum of five millimeters of hair,” she explained and recommended watching the status of the tips so that they do not break and do not seine the dryness.

In addition, the heroine of the material stated that soap heads no more than two times a week, and also did not use forceps and iron for laying, thus stimulating hair growth. “You can straighten your hair for 150 degrees only once a week, otherwise you will spoil them. During the laying, use the oil and give the hair to dry without a hair dryer,” she concluded.

In November, the shaved lack of man said that he was growing at 20 centimeters for four years. A resident of India explained that it uses the minimum amount of leaving products, and assured that the secret of success is to use only shampoo and air conditioning.

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