Scientists have declared a new possible version of death of mankind

American scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology called the possible version of the death of humanity. In their opinion, in the future, people may face a deficiency of oxygen and die, since its amount on the planet can decrease a million times, reports ScienceAlert.

According to them, such events occurred on Earth about 2.45 billion years ago. At that time, the planet’s atmosphere was practically no gas, but later he began to accumulate. Similar changes on the planet led to the extinction of certain species and the emergence of new ones, researchers said.

The activity of the Sun in the atmosphere is currently constantly increasing, radiation cleaves carbon dioxide, which leads to extinction of plants generating oxygen. Scientists fear that in the future the oxygen content in the air sheath of the planet will return to the indicators that were observed in antiquity.

“The drop of oxygen is very, very sharp. We are talking about the amount of oxygen, which is about a million times less than today,” said the scientist Chris Reinhard.

In case it happens, all living organisms on the planet, which depend on oxygen, will die. Researchers believe that in this case the land will float microbial organisms.

Previously, American and British climatologists simulated the probable scenarios of global warming and predicted the extinction of humanity in five centuries

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