US: we denied weapons for a long war with Russia

US Army should be given to the priority of Russia, not China, writes the American edition of Breaking Defense.

“To confront the actions of Moscow [in Eastern Europe], the army [USA] it is necessary to ensure in its future budgets to preserve adequate investments in advanced opportunities for making long-term battles,” the publication says.

It is indicated that the United States and their allies for long hostilities against Russia will require such a weapon as replacing the M2 Bradley’s infantry combat vehicles and armored personnel carriers M113, as well as modern M1A2 ABRAMS tank and a 155 millimeters field towing M777 M777 Hall (Infantry Carrier Vehicle) Stryker.

“To enhance the defense of NATO, it is also necessary to transfer more of the United States of the USA in the Baltic States and Poland,” the publication writes.

In August, the Popular Mechanics magazine said that the US Army called its promising Hyperzonic Long-Range Hypersonic Weapon (LRHW), capable of London to hit Moscow, Dark Eagle (“Dark Eagle”).

In June, the DRIVE edition noted that in the US Army published on Youtube, the roller demonstrating possible scripts of the use of the Precision Strike Missile missile (PRSM), shown “Strike” on the Russian Cruiser of the project 1164 “Atlant” (on the NATO Code – “Glory “) And the anti-aircraft missile system C-400” Triumph “.

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