Afghan resistance hired lobbyists from USA

The leader of the National Resistance Front (FTS) in the Afghan province Panjscher Ahmad Masood hired a company Stryk Global Diplomacy from Washington to promote interests in the United States. About this head of the company Robert Strik told “”

“Our task is to convey to the US government that the resistance needs weapons, the ammunition needs to defeat the” Taliban “,” Strik said. He stressed that the “Taliban” (prohibited in Russia) is a terrorist, gangster movement, whose representatives cannot be considered legal rulers of Afghanistan.

“Perhaps the Taliban has an advantage in the territories, but they do not own the minds and hearts of the population. I ask our government not to recognize the Taliban,” said Strick. He added that the United States always supported those who “seek freedom and democracy”, and therefore he believes that as a result, Washington will provide Masud to the victory over the Taliban.

September 11 became known that Panjshcher resistance was defeated by the militants three districts in the region. Two days before that, the resistance strength was reported that 60-65 percent of the territory of Panjucher.

/Media reports.