Huawei Phondractor made it possible to avoid extradition in USA

The Financial Director of the Chinese company Huawei Maine Wanzhou has been avoiding extradition in the United States. According to TASS, such a decision made the court of Eastern Okuga State York, endorsing her deal with the American authorities.

The prosecutor’s office presented the agreement on the postponement of prosecution before December 1, 2022 signed by both parties. This will postpone the consideration of the case of Wanzhou, after which, subject to all the terms of the contract, all the accusations will be charged with it.

Terms of the transaction, nominated by the American Party, the judge during the meeting did not voiced: the document was pre-presented justice and agreed by the accused. Speaking on video calls from the Canadian Prison Wanzhou with the assistance of the translator agreed with the provisions of the agreement.

According to the representative of the prosecutor’s office, the approval of the transaction will allow the American Ministry of Justice to immediately send the Canadian authority to revoke the request for Vanzhou extradition request.

Consideration of the case of extradition of the Huawei Phondratetor lasts two and a half years. On December 1, 2018, she was detained at Vancouver Airport during a transplant to another flight at the request of the American Court. The top manager was accused of selling Huawei Equipment to Iran through the Hong Kong company Skycom, bypassing the US trade and industrial sanctions. On December 12, Maine Wanzhou released secured in the amount of 10 million dollars. In 2019, she was charged with industrial espionage and the embezzlement of commercial secrets.

Currently, it is under house arrest in the Canadian city of Vancouver. In parallel, the case of its extradition leads the Supreme Court of the Canadian Province British Columbia in Vancouver.

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