“Tosuchka” will be protected from high-precision weapons

In Russia, the production of a new technician protection system from high-precision weapons began. The Central Research Institute of Accurate Mechanical Engineering “TsNII” State Corporation “Rostech” has begun to serial production of unified protection complexes. This is reported on the Rostech website.

The device is designed to protect the heavy flame retardant TOS-2 “longing” and the PRP-2 intelligence machine. Also, a new development will receive a complex of automated control of artillery “Testa-D”.

The new complex consists of an attack warning sensors, control equipment and indication, as well as starting devices with aerosol ammunition. Development allows you to protect equipment from high-precision weapons with thermal, optical, laser and radar guidance channel.

The industrial director of the arms cluster, ammunition and special spruce “Rostech” Beckhan Ozdoev spoke about the work of the system. According to him, the sensors of the complex determine the threat of an attack. After that, there is a shooting of aerosol ammunition, which create a veil of combined interference. This violates the contact of the attacking ammunition with the goal, knocking it down from the course.

According to the representative of “Rosteha”, the tests showed the ability of the complex to ensure the protection of technology from attacks of high-precision aviation means of lesion and anti-tank missiles.

Earlier, the head of the development and design of Kolomensky KBM, Vladimir Kharkin, revealed the features of the protection of Russian tanks on the TV channel “Star”. According to him, a complex of active protection (Kaz) “Arena-M” received defensive ammunition with pulsed engines, which allow projectiles to unfold a threat.

/Media reports.