President recognized himself a dictator after protests against cryptocurrency

Salvador President Naibe Booker signed a description of his profile in Twitter with the words “dictator”. Such an act caused controversial reactions in social networks, since it occurred against the background of thousands of protests against cryptocurrency. About the incident writes NewsWeek edition.

versions of the causes of what happened: On the one hand, the buoy could hack, on the other – he himself could decide on such a joke.

In early September, in the capital of Salvador San Salvador, mass rallies thundered against the recognition of Bitcoin by a legitimate payment facility. During the manifestation, the protesters burned the ATM, through which operations with cryptocurrent can be carried out. They carried posters with inscriptions “We are deceived by Bitcoin.”

On September 7, Salvador’s authorities recognized Bitcoin by the official payment facility along with the US dollar. Salvadorians fear that because of this, the number of illegal cryptocurrency transactions will grow. However, the buoy believes that the recognition of Bitcoin’s official payment facility will simplify for citizens of the country working abroad, sending money to their homeland.

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