From electronic labor, some Russians began to disappear

From electronic workbooks began to disappear information about the work on the liquidated enterprises. Because of this, some Russians risk to remain without a prescribed pension, writes “Ridus”.

In order to restore missing records in digital labor, you need to spend a lot of time, and also face paper fiber, the publication notes. “Record in the employment record from March 1, 2007, and in electronic labor – from December 31, 2007, that is, eight months lost,” said Muscovite Svetlana Antonova.

In the second company, where she worked, Antonova discovered information in a digital book about allegedly interrupted the experience. “Now, what should I check it every year, did I record all the records? It’s abnormally!”, “Said the interlocutor of the publication.

The Pension Fund of Russia (FIU) said that both companies were eliminated and helping Antonova would be problematic. In the department promised to send requests to the archives, but “not the fact that there is something there.” The woman indicated that she had the original work, where there is this experience with all the seals, but the FIU said that “just a labor book we cannot take now.”

Another resident of Moscow Dina Korosteleva from the working experience disappeared for two months. The press service of the FIU was advised to appeal to an employer who made incorrect or incomplete data. ” Already 7.7 million Russians decided to completely switch to the e-learner.

It is possible to get a job with electronic labor from January 1, 2021. Paper labor after receiving the electronic is issued in hand, but it must be saved, since the digital format will contain only since 2020.

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