Russia: responded to capture of tanker in Oman

Russia refuses to rush with the conclusions about the situation with the seizure of the Mercer Street tanker off the shores of Oman. Thus, the first deputy postphem of Russia was reacted with the UN Dmitry Polyansky. His words reports TASS.

He stressed that in this story, it is necessary to rely on the facts, and not to rush to draw conclusions and take any actions. “We are still studying the details. There is a lot of contradictory information, analyzing the principle of Highly Likely (very likely – approx.” “) that we are completely rejecting,” said Polyansky.

Previously, the British General Nick Carter said Iran’s “big mistake” due to the attack on the tanker. According to him, such actions of Tehran can lead to a catastrophic exacerbation of the situation in the Middle East.

Attack on the Mercer Street tanker occurred on July 30 off the coast of Oman in the Arabian Sea. As a result of the attack, two crew members were killed – a citizen of Romania and a citizen of the United Kingdom.

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