Macron stated free from COVID-Pass Zone

Sanitary skipping in France will not extend to kindergartens, schools and universities, said the President of the country Emmanuel Macron in a video published on his page in Instagram .

“I will be extremely clear about the sanitary pass … It will be mandatory and is already mandatory for visiting certain events, but for classes, starting from kindergarten and ending with the university, the sanitary pass will not need,” said Macron.

On July 12, the French leader announced a number of new restrictive measures to contain the dissemination of the incidence of COVID-19. Among them, there were sanitary skips or the presence of negative tests for coronavirus when visiting bars, restaurants, airplanes and other places of cluster of people.

From this point on, throughout France, a few weeks have been passing through mass shares against the introduction of sanitary passes and mandatory vaccinations, which develop into riots. To disperse demonstrators, law enforcement officers use tear gas, water homes and batons. Hundreds of people are detained, reported dozens of victims of police.

However, French President promised that the country’s authorities would not be subject to violence from the protesters and continue to carry out antique policies. And the French participating in demonstrations against sanitary passes and declare about the dictatorship of the leaders of the republic, he accused of losing a sense of reality.

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