In Belarusian Khodorkovsky, accused of an attempt to organize state vehicle in country

The former chapter of Yukos Mikhail Khodorkovsky was accused of an attempt to organize the state version in Belarus. This was stated by the chairman of the KGB of the country Ivan Caller in the documentary series “Belarus against the Color Revolution”.

However, the main role in the organization of protests was the USA. In his opinion, thus in Washington are trying to realize their geopolitical interests.

The head of the KGB explained that the media faces of the Gospers in Belarus are only dolls for which there are current or retired intelligence officers of foreign countries. Among these, he also mentioned the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Slovakia Pavol Demesha, the former Assistant US Secretary of State David Kremer, US President Michael Carpenter, Advisor.

The disclosure of the attempt of the state coup in Belarus was declared in April. In a criminal case, nine people are brought to an attempt to capture state power as accused. Two of them were detained in Russia by the FSB forces and transferred to Minsk. According to the special services, they tried to negotiate with the military about the attempt of the state version on the task of curators from the USA.

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