Russia stated a condition for a dialogue with NATO

Moscow is open to the meeting of the Russia-NATO Council meeting, but only if specific issues will be discussed at the meeting. Such a condition called the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Maria Zakharov during a briefing, the correspondent of reports.

According to the diplomat, such a dialogue should affect themes associated with a decrease in military tension. “It will certainly require the participation of the military. But we know that NATO is a military-political unit, so what is illogical?” – noted Zakharov.

On June 7, the Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance Jens Stoltenberg offered Moscow to negotiate at the Council meeting Russia – NATO. According to the Secretary General, the Alliance offered the Russian side to organize a meeting for more than a year ago, but not yet received a positive answer.

Deputy Foreign Ministry of Russia Alexander Grushko called the meeting of the Council Russia – NATO in the near future “unrealistic in the present conditions”. Grushko added that the discussion of security issues with NATO “is unlikely to be serious” if the organization will not restore normal contacts in the military sphere. He recalled that due to the strategic decisions of the alliance and demonization of Russia, the Baltic and Black Sea regions were the “Military confrontation arena”.

/Media reports.