A recording of a conversation in Belarusian KGB about Sheremet’s murder sent for examination

A recording of a conversation about the murder of a Ukrainian and Belarusian journalist Pavel Sheremet , made presumably in the building KGB of Belarus , sent for examination. This was stated by the deputy head of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko on the air of radio” Gromadske “, reports ” Ukrinform “.

According to him, the research will be conducted by Ukrainian specialists in phonoscopic examinations, since the murder took place on the territory of Ukraine. They will have to establish whether the voice of the ex-head of the KGB really got on the record Vadim Zaitsev … “They will take some of his public performance and compare it with the recording,” Gerashchenko added.

At the moment, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine is preparing an interrogation of the person who published the records. Investigative actions will take place in another country. Gerashchenko added that Ukraine would like to interrogate witnesses from the Belarusian side, but this is unlikely to be possible.

A recording of a conversation about the murder of Pavel Sheremet and other critics of the president Alexander Lukashenko published by EUobserver on January 4. It was noted that the tapes were transferred to Brussels by a former employee of the Belarusian special forces Igor Makar.

Journalists claim that the former chairman of the KGB of Belarus Vadim Zaitsev got on the record, he discusses with two employees of the anti-terrorist special unit “Alpha” ways to eliminate people who “crow” in Germany. In addition to Sheremet, Oleg Alkaev, Vladimir Borodach and Vyacheslav Dudkin are mentioned on the tapes. Options are mentioned to set up an explosion or fire.

Sheremet died in Kiev in 2016, his car was blown up. In Ukraine, three participants in the war in Donbass were detained, who were accused of organizing the murder. According to the investigation, they wanted to destabilize the situation in the country.