Firefox 96.0.1 update. Firefox Focus included Cookie insulation mode

Hot trails formed Corrective release of Firefox 96.0.1, in which Eliminated Error-appeared in Firefox 96 error in the “Content-Length” header panel parsing, manifested when using HTTP / 3 . Error Boiled To the fact that the search for the line “Content-Length:” was carried out taking into account the symbol register, because of what was not taken into account Such writing options like “Content-Length:”. In the new version also Eliminated Windows-specific problem, leading to a violation of the work of the rules of operation to bypass proxy settings.

Also, not mentioned in the release notes, but Fixed In the update, one more problem in http / 3 code, leading to infinite loop when attempt opening sites using the HTTP / 3 and with use doh (DNS OVER HTTPS).

Additionally, you can note Inclusion in the new Mobile browser versions Firefox Focus for Android Full Cookie Protection Mode (Total Cookie Protection) that implies use for each site of a separate insulated storage for cookie, which does not allow Cookie to track movement between sites, as all cookies, displayed from third-party site downloaded to the site (IFRAME, JS, etc.), are attached to the main site and are not transmitted when accessing these blocks from other sites.

To solve problems on sites arising from blocking external scripts, support for SmartBlock mechanism is also added to Firefox Focus, which automatically replaces the scripts used to track the scripts providing the correct loading of the site. Plugs Prepared For some popular user tracking scripts recorded in the disconnect

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