Aurélian hat, radical activist of ultradroite, sentenced to nine years in prison

This former military was judged for “individual terrorist enterprise”. He was suspected of having distributed the apology messages of Nazism, acquired weapons and conducted research on places of the Jewish community.

Le Monde with AFP

The Criminal Court of Paris condemned, Friday, January 28, nine years in prison Aurélien Hat, radical activist of the anti-Semitic and supregist ultradroite. This former military was judged for “individual terrorist company”. The severity of the sentencing has been justified in the sight of “preparatory acts” of “very high intensity”.

In May 2020, this 38-year-old man, cook in the Army reconverted in security officer, was suspected of broadcasting the apology messages of Nazism, acquired weapons and conducted research on places of The Jewish community.

The House of the Criminal Court of Paris, judged the former military “guilty of individual preparation facts to the Commission of an act of terrorism”. This sentence, very slightly below the maximum penalty of prison required by the prosecution, has a two-thirds security period.

Publication of racist content, anti-Semites or xenophobia

“The court does not read the augurs, we are not here to know whether or not you would be acting without the intervention of police services,” said the President of the Tribunal when pronouncing the sentence. The Tribunal, retaining the possession of weapons and “the publication of racist, anti-Semitic or xenophobic content”, thus ruled that the preparatory level of Aurélien Hat was “completely realized” and “high intensity”.

“Internet and social networks are not a simple hate reservoir in which one draws from the deleterious propaganda”, concluded the President of the Tribunal, stating that the beginning of “recognition” by the accused ” the dangerousness of his actions “had been taken into account.

Aurélien Hat repeated for three days to “add up with nauseating propaganda” without further intention than to “make the buzz” with his comrades on the internet. He repeated repented, without being able to develop on the merits.

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