Half of Peru’s government resigns over protests

More than half of the members of the Peruvian government resigned after the police violently dispersed a protest rally of local residents in support of former President Martin Viscarra, TASS reports, citing the Peruvian radio station RPP.

13 out of 18 current ministers have submitted their resignation requests. They took office on November 12 after the new government was formed.

Among the outgoing officials are the ministers of defense, internal affairs, justice, economics and health. Some parliamentary parties are also demanding the resignation of the new president, Merino de Lama.

A political crisis broke out in Peru earlier this week after parliament voted to remove Viscarra from office over corruption allegations against him. According to the laws of the country, the speaker of parliament de Lama became the new head of state, after which a new government was formed.

In many cities of the country, civil protests began in support of Wizcarra. One of the actions was brutally suppressed by the police. As a result of the dispersal, two people died.