Oncologist uncovers false signs of cancer

Oncologist Mikhail Myasnyankin revealed false signs of cancer to the Russians. He spoke about this in an interview with Channel Five.

According to the specialist, in modern oncological science there is the concept of overdiagnosis of a tumor process. It is about making a diagnosis of cancer, which is then not confirmed. The false conclusion about malignant education of doctors is sometimes led by the indicator of the tumor marker, which sharply increases. “An increase in the tumor marker two or three times does not indicate any pathological oncological process. Often this can be associated with absolutely benign processes,” Myasnyankin explained.

To eliminate errors in diagnostics, he urged citizens to contact other specialists. “Sometimes the pathomorphologist writes -” suspicion of a tumor. “Naturally, the patient begins to worry about such a diagnosis. The rules of good form at the moment say that it is possible and even necessary to get a second opinion,” the oncologist noted.

However, the most common type of false suspicion of cancer is self-diagnosis of a person who found symptoms after reading articles on the Internet. “If you suspect that something is wrong with your health, you should consult a doctor,” the doctor concluded.

In October, Myasnyankin named the main cause of cancer. So, malignant formations can most often appear in people who are subject to constant stress, since it depresses the immune system. However, in the fight against stress, you should not try such methods as smoking, alcohol or overeating, as this can worsen your health.