Elon Musk described symptoms of coronavirus

Founder of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk described the symptoms of the disease after receiving opposite test results for COVID-19. He wrote about this in Twitter .

According to the entrepreneur, he has “a mild case of COVID-19.” “My symptoms are those of a mild cold, which is not surprising since the coronavirus is a type of cold,” Musk explained. His state of health is comparable to that of a normal respiratory infection, however, “with more soreness of the body and a foggy head when coughing and sneezing.”

The head of the companies stressed that the laboratories have not yet sent him an unambiguous test result for COVID-19.

November 13, Musk said that he had done four rapid tests for COVID -19 and received two positive and two negative results, while he passed all tests on the same day, the tests were from the same manufacturer, and the examinations were carried out by the same nurse.

To understand whether he is sick or not, Musk decided to pass a PCR test for coronavirus in several laboratories. They promised to send the results in a day.