Biden pledges to lift Trump’s restrictions on migrants

US President-elect Joe Biden promised to lift restrictions against migrants that he introduced the current American leader Donald Trump . This was reported by RIA Novosti .

“We’ve been told what steps we need to take to clear the humanitarian catastrophe that the Trump administration has systematically created on our southern border. We will work purposefully, diligently and responsibly to roll back Trump’s restrictions from day one.” Biden stated.

The politician noted that he intends to create opportunities for quick work with asylum seekers in the United States and at the same time avoid a crisis amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Trump administration has tightened rules on access to the country for migrants, and has also erected a wall along most of the border with Mexico to discourage illegal entry into the United States.

Thousands of migrants from poor Central American countries traveled across Mexico to the US border in October 2018 to claim asylum from the US authorities. Trump sent thousands of troops to the border to contain the influx of illegal immigrants. In late March, it became known that a new caravan of migrants had moved from Central America to the United States. It has 1.2 thousand people.

Building a wall on the US-Mexican border was one of the main points of Trump’s agenda in the 2016 presidential election. For his sake, he managed to declare a state of emergency and redirect military spending, but on May 25 it became known that a California state court imposed a ban on such use of budget funds US Department of Defense .