Programmer explained losing 23 kilograms in four months

The Indian programmer managed to lose almost 23 kilograms in 4.5 months and told how he managed to achieve this. The Times of India writes about this.

Karthikeyan Anbarasan, 36, from the city of Chennai in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, believed being overweight was harming his privacy. “I was scared of being fat,” he recalls. “I couldn’t focus on work or spend time with my family.” The last straw that made people think about losing weight were the jokes about his physical form, which were released by relatives and friends.

Anbarasan decided to go on a healthy diet, eat less rice and cut back on carbohydrates. In addition, he tried not to sit in front of a computer or TV and lead a more active lifestyle – in particular, he took up jogging and went on a 40-45-minute run every day. This helped the man lose 22.7 kilograms.

Earlier, a student from India told how she managed to drop 21 kilograms. “While exercise is essential for losing weight and staying fit, it is impossible to achieve a goal without willpower and dedication,” she says.