Monkey took man’s bag with 400 thousand and threw them from tree

Residents of the Indian city of Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh, witnessed how a monkey took a bag with a large sum of money from a man and scattered bills from a tree, according to the publication DNA India.

On Tuesday evening, December 22, a monkey stole a bag from an elderly man named Bhagwan Din and climbed a tree with it. It is reported that there were about 400 thousand rupees (about 402 thousand rubles) inside.

The animal began to rummage in the bag in search of food. The monkey pulled out the crumpled bills and threw them away. As a result, a large crowd of local residents gathered near the tree. First, people looked at what was happening, and then rushed to pick up the bills, which caused a commotion on the street.

The owner of the bag tried to calm the monkey, but in vain. The primate released the bag only after he threw all the money out of it. The man reported the incident to the police.

Earlier it was reported that a wild monkey helped a resident of the Indonesian province of South Kalimantan to wash linen. The primate climbed onto the edge of the pelvis and dipped clothes in the water, then removed the things from the soapy solution and rubbed them.