Pushkov responded to Ukrainian minister who called vaccine a hybrid weapon

Senator Alexey Pushkov commented on the statement of the head MFA of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba, who called the Russian vaccine against coronavirus a hybrid weapon. He wrote about this in the Telegram -channel.

According to the parliamentarian, the Kiev authorities themselves have become a hybrid weapon against the people of Ukraine. So, because of their policy, citizens have no chances to get a vaccine against COVID-19 quickly, Pushkov stressed.

“All the current leaders of Ukraine, instead of saving their citizens, breed shameless demagoguery and intimidate fellow citizens, themselves not being able to give anything to their country,” the senator explained his position.

In State Duma considered to be blasphemy Kuleba’s statement. Thus, Moscow offers assistance to Kiev, without insisting on the use of the Russian vaccine. At the same time, Ukraine understands that the Russian vaccine is the closest one that can be supplied to the country, indicated in the lower house of parliament.

The Ukrainian Minister called the Russian coronavirus vaccine a hybrid weapon against Kiev after how Moscow expressed its readiness to supply “Sputnik V” to Ukraine and produce it in the republic. Kiev refused the drug, he negotiates with the countries of Europe, India and China.