Couple went for a walk on beach and found a sperm whale vomit for 600 thousand dollars

During a romantic walk along the beach in Thailand, the couple made a find that could bring them wealth, according to the India Times.

Veera Juengboon, 31, and Monruedee Juengboon, 26, came to Phuket to see a friend. Walking along the seashore, they noticed a large lump of yellowish substance covered with debris. Looking closely, they suspected that they had found ambergris, the vomit of a sperm whale, which is used in the manufacture of cosmetics.

To test the hunch, Joenbun brought a 15-pound lump to the hotel room. In a documentary he watched about ambergris, it was shown that when the temperature is high, this substance begins to melt. The man tried to set fire to a small piece of his find, and it also melted. The couple is now looking for a buyer to buy their amber. This amount of ambergris can cost about 600 thousand dollars (44 million rubles).

Ambergris is a waxy substance that is secreted in the intestines of sperm whales. Often referred to as “sperm whale vomit” or “floating gold”. It is commonly used as a fixative in perfume production and can be very expensive depending on its age. The cost of ambergris on the international market is about 40 thousand dollars (3.8 million rubles) per kilogram.

Earlier it was reported that two residents of the Indian city of Ratnagiri, Maharashtra state, went to jail while trying to sell seven kilograms of sperm whale vomit. They were going to illegally sell ambergris, convincing potential buyers that its use helps to increase libido.