Men with sticks and firecrackers rescued a dog from leopard teeth

In the Indian state of Maharashtra, the owners rescued a dog that was attacked by a leopard, reports The Times of India.

Early Saturday morning, December 26, 60-year-old farmer Ashok Bhade heard the loud barking of his dog, a Doberman named Saheb, in the yard. Although Bhade can only walk on crutches, he rushed to help the dog. Two relatives went out with him. They saw a leopard grab Sahib by the neck and drag him to the river.

The men rushed in pursuit. They chased the predator, beat him with sticks and threw firecrackers until he unclenched his teeth and disappeared into the thickets of sugar cane. Bhade and his relatives took the injured dog to a veterinary clinic. After a fight with a leopard, she left wounds on her neck, stomach and paw.

“This is the second time a leopard attacked Sahib,” said the farmer. “In 2018, he saved two puppies by literally jumping on the beast’s back. Then the dog seriously injured one of its paws.”

In 2018 it was reported that a family from the US city of Nederland, state Colorado, rescued a dog from a cougar attacking it. People tried to drive away the beast with shouts and knocks. When the puma raised its head, the dog managed to escape. The pet has a few wounds, but they were all harmless.