Doctor in Greece admitted to intensive care after being vaccinated with Pfizer for COVID-19

The deputy head of a hospital in a suburb of Athens received a coronavirus vaccine and a few days later was in intensive care for artificial lung ventilation, according to the Greek TV channel Skai.

According to the channel, on December 27, a 54-year-old doctor was vaccinated against coronavirus. By the 30th, he showed symptoms of a lower respiratory tract infection. His condition deteriorated rapidly and required hospitalization. Already on January 1, the doctor was diagnosed with respiratory failure and intubated. The virus test was negative and the patient did not have shortness of breath, fever or cough.

In Ministry of Health Greece stated that they did not find a direct link between vaccination and a doctor’s infection. In particular, his history of allergies was investigated.

The hospitalization of the deputy head of the clinic provoked a reaction from opponents of vaccination in the country, the TV channel adds.

On January 27, Greece launched a COVID-19 vaccination campaign called “Operation Freedom”, which uses a drug from Pfizer – BioNTech. It is the only vaccine approved by the European Union . The first to be vaccinated will be health workers, residents and staff of nursing homes and rehabilitation centers.

January 2 it was reported about the hospitalization of a Mexican doctor after a similar vaccination. The woman was diagnosed with encephalomyelitis. Prior to this, on December 30, in Switzerland, a few days after vaccination died 91- summer patient.