Bankers called condition for a credit amnesty in Russia

Banks will support a credit amnesty in Russia only on the condition that the debts of citizens will be repaid by the Communists of Russia party, which raised this issue. President of the Association of Russian Banks (ARB) Garegin Tosunyan .

“The banking system absolutely supports the credit amnesty, especially if it is at the expense of those deputies who propose it. I am already tired of repeating one simple and obvious thesis: if you order a banquet, then order it at your own expense,” he said. commenting on the initiative.

Tosunyan expressed the opinion that one cannot promise the people something good when someone else has to pay for it. According to him, the bankers have a positive attitude to the proposal of parliamentarians, but the authors of the initiative should be ready to allocate money from their own funds or the budget – if they have such an opportunity. In this case, Tosunyan asserts, the amnesty will make some sense. Otherwise, we are talking about “show and populism”.

The President of the Association also recalled that the ARB has established an institution of financial ombudsman, which provides support to citizens. According to him, those experiencing difficulties apply to credit institutions, and in most cases they meet halfway. Tosunyan stressed that it is impossible to force banks to amnesty.

Earlier the idea of ​​a loan amnesty was appreciated in State Duma . In particular, the first deputy head of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy Valery Gartung called this initiative dangerous and unrealizable. Head of the State Duma Financial Market Committee Anatoly Aksakov agreed with his colleague and pointed out the difficulties with taxation that will arise after the amnesty.

On January 5, it was reported that the State Duma was sent a proposal to hold an amnesty loans in the range of three million rubles. According to the chairman of the Central Committee of the Communists of Russia party Maksim Suraykin, the initiative is connected with “a protracted emergency situation in the country.” Later he added that the state budget has enough funds to pay off the debts of Russians.