Former employee of KGB of Belarus agreed to testify in Sheremet case

Former employee of the State Security Committee ( KGB ) of Belarus Igor Makar announced readiness to testify in the case of the murder of a journalist Pavel Sheremet to the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. “” informs about it.

He confirmed that back in December 2020 he gave the Ukrainian side an audio recording, which allegedly recorded a conversation with the participation of the former head of the KGB of Belarus Vadim Zaitsev , about the planned murder of a journalist.

“We did everything to make it public, and most importantly, to complete the investigation of this crime and prove that the special services of Belarus were involved in this (…). There was no official interrogation, but today the Ukrainian special services contacted me. I talked and agreed to cooperate, “Makar said.

He announced his readiness to fly to Kiev to testify. At the same time, Makar added that another former KGB officer is also ready to testify in the case. His name is not called.

Earlier, the National Police of Ukraine reported on its page in Facebook that in December, with the help of intelligence, received information of interest in the investigation of the death of Sheremet. It is partially published on the web. On the released tapes, unidentified persons discuss the murder of a journalist by poisoning or explosion. The police received permission to conduct investigative actions in one of the countries European Union .

On January 4, a entry of 2012 appeared on the network, on which the then Head of the KGB of Belarus Vadim Zaitsev discusses with two officers of the Alpha special unit the murder of Sheremet and other critics of the president Alexander Lukashenko . “You need to work with Sheremet, who *** (tired – approx. ” “). Let’s make a bookmark of some kind and so on, so that this rat will not collect arms or legs at all,” Zaitsev said.

Sheremet died in Kiev in 2016 when his car was blown up. In Ukraine, three participants in the war in Donbass were detained and accused of organizing the murder. According to the investigation, they wanted to destabilize the situation in the country.