Hundreds of treasure hunters began excavating after rumors of treasures

A crowd of treasure hunters gathered on the banks of the Parvati River in the Rajgarh district of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. They hope to find antique gold and silver coins, according to the New Indian Express.

Excavations continue for about a week. They are attended by hundreds of men, women and children who are attracted by rumors of treasures. In addition to the residents of Madhya Pradesh, among them there are people who have come from the neighboring state of Rajasthan.

“Gold and silver coins are hidden in the river and on the banks,” sixth grader Kapil explained to New Indian Express. “My father managed to find some silver coins, and now I am digging all over the river to find more.” / p>

“We dug in different places by the river, but in the last three or four days we haven’t found a single coin,” said teenagers Sharad and Sonu, who also hoped to find the treasure. “We are not disappointed, we will dig further “.

The representative of the local authorities suggested that the found coins were thrown into the river in ancient times during some kind of ritual. “Not that a huge treasure was found in the river,” he explained. “Only a few old coins were found.”

Earlier it was reported that a large hoard of medieval coins was discovered in the vicinity of the Slovak town of Piestany. The discovery was made by a tourist who noticed uneven silver plates depicting a dragon under the roots of a felled tree.

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